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Generic Disclaimer:
As far as we know, nobody featured in these stories are actually in relationships with each other. These stories are those of our own imagination and nothing more.

Hello, you have stumbled upon a community dedicated to slashy lovin' between Fall Out Boy bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz and Panic At The Disco The Young Veins guitarist/lyricist Ryan Ross. If you have a soft spot for these two but are tired of endless scrolling through other fiction comms to find even one story, you've come to the right place.

-obviously, this is a slash community. Man on man, homosexuality, gay pride parade...whatever you want to call it. Homophobic? Go away.

-for all fiction, a header must be above the cut. Here be a template-
Pair: (only needed if there's a secondary 'ship)
Rating: (see ratings table below)
Warnings: (only needed if there's non-con, violence, death, drug use, self-harm, or anything else potentially triggering)
Disclaimer: (very incredibly necessary. I cannot stress this enough)
Additional notes: (optional if there's something you need to explain or whatever)

Using the American movie guidelines as a template, most fanfic can be rated as follows:
*G: Good clean fun for all ages.
*PG: Mild implied sexual innuendo, mild bad words, or violence or serious (though not quite mature) topics.
*PG-13: Some violence, bad language, obvious sexual innuendo, implied sexual relations. Also may include some mature topics such as suicide, homosexuality, drug/alcohol advocacy, rape aftermath, details of childbirth, etc. depending on the mores of the fandom involved.
*R: Just-short-of-explicit sex, graphic torture or violence, rape. Not recommended for minors.
*NC-17: explicit erotica, excessively gory violence. Often illegal for underage readers.

-I'm not moderating posts for the time being, but for the love of puppies PLEASE make sure your story is spell/grammar-checked.

-Please put the title in the subject line so adding them to community Memories will be easier.

-When posting sequels or chaptered fic, please leave the links to previous sections for the reader's convienence.

-Remember there's a big difference between constructive criticism and outright flaming. I don't wanna hafta be taming any drama llamas. (PS: Trolling results in instant bannination, so don't even THINK about it.)

-Artwork, articles, photos, videos, fanmixes, banners, wallpapers, and other such large creations must be under a cut.

-Icons (solo!Pete, solo!Ryan, or both of them) are allowed up to three teasers before a cut.

-Ads for other comms can be allowed within reason. If it has to do with FOB/PanicTYV/Pete/Ryan, splendid. But if it's a comm like Are you not or not?, well...we don't really care :)

-Most importantly...HAVE FUN!

your mod, writinchica2k
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