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14 July 2009 @ 10:48 pm
Another day at the office  

Title: Another day at the office [a standalone]

Author: me [mrs_saint_jimmy]

Rating: um, R/ NC-17?

Pairing: Pete/Ryan

Summary: Ryan goes to see Pete in his office, naughtiness ensues.

AN: I wrote this absolutely ages ago and posted it on some other site, so yer... its an old one one found on my computer so, sorry if it sucks ass ^^;  [also posted in wemo closet... I really wanted to post here after being invited and didn’t have time to do an entire new story, because there are some family issues this end,  but never fear I have added it to my ‘to write’ list >:D]

Click here to read it... of you dare.... http://mrs-saint-jimmy.livejournal.com/2741.html

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